Mar 17: Earth Hour and Landclearing in Queensland

When we switch off our lights for Earth Hour, as well as casting a vote for the Earth we will be reducing our energy consumption for the hour and so reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And of course, WWF would love to see everyone taking action beyond Earth Hour to permanently reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

But energy use is not the only source of carbon emissions. When land is cleared to make way for agriculture or housing, not only do animals such as koalas lose their habitat (and their lives) the carbon that is stored in the trees and plants is released back into the atmosphere.

Millions of tons of CO2 are added to the atmosphere in this way every year, and Queensland is the worst culprit in the country - Queensland clears more land every year than the rest of Australia combined, and Australia clears more land than any country in the OECD apart from Mexico.

By ending broadscale landclearing in Queensland, Australia could meet its emission reduction targets almost immediately and would send a powerful message to the global community that it has what it takes to be a world leader in taking action on climate change.

For more information about how you can get involved in the campagin to end landclearing in Queensland, visit WWF's landclearing page.

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